Our sea­ling pro­files in Use in Rene­wable Energy

The increa­sing import­ance and gro­wing use of rene­wable energy is important to our com­pany. We are very happy to be able to cont­ri­bute to the expan­sion of these sustainable tech­no­lo­gies through our pro­ducts.


Solar Power

The gro­wing market for solar power is one of our company’s core busi­nesses. We have years of prac­tical expe­ri­ence with pho­to­vol­taics and solar panels.

Our range is divided into three pro­duct areas:

  1. Solar pro­files for moun­ting sys­tems. This includes the sup­port pro­files of the module clam­ping seals, which we can manu­fac­ture to very pre­cise fits (tolerances below ISO 3302–1 E1).
  2. Rubber frames for solar collec­tors. We use spe­cial non-fog­ging com­pounds for the vul­ca­ni­sa­tion of collector frames. This prevents the buildup of che­mical com­po­n­ents and dis­ad­van­ta­geous optical depo­sits on the glass of the collector.
  3. Absorber pro­files. These are used for hea­ting pri­vate as well as public pools to extend the uptime period. They are desi­gned to be used in oppo­site tem­pe­ra­ture direc­tion as well: for coo­ling mobile ska­ting rinks. In this case we are able to pro­vide the pro­files in coex­tru­sion with a white covering layer if required – a unique sel­ling point of M+R in both qua­lity and price.


Wind Power

We manu­fac­ture cable she­aths for sub­ma­rine cables used to con­nect off­shore wind farms to the main­land. The typi­cally very large pro­file geo­metry is pro­duced in EPDM using high-per­for­mance extru­ders and salt bath tech­no­logy.

These Technologies find use in Envi­ron­mental Tech­no­logy

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