How Your Pro­file Seals and Moulded Parts are Pro­duced

From drawing to tools, to series of pro­files – M+R pro­vides a one stop shop for tailor-made, indi­vi­dual and eco­no­mical solu­tions.

Our experts can pro­vide per­sonal advice and sup­port in pro­du­cing a drawing to be turned into a tool by our tech­ni­cians. Are your requi­re­ments par­ti­cu­larly chal­len­ging? In our invol­ve­ment in nume­rous pro­jects, we have proven that we can master even the most com­plex geo­me­tries.

Of course, before a series is pro­duced, we create a few sam­ples for approval. Then we pro­duce the rubber pro­files and seals your require in any quan­tity desired. Due to the dimen­sions of our extru­sion machinery, pro­duc­tion can only start eco­no­mi­cally from a weight of appro­xi­mately 300kg. We can also create moulded parts in limited num­bers.


What can you expect from us?

  1. Our highly qua­li­fied staff are an excel­lent resource for the con­struc­tion sector. Years of expe­ri­ence in manu­fac­tu­ring tools means that we are extre­mely fle­xible and cust­omer focused. In prac­tice, this means that the time bet­ween initial con­tact and deli­very of the pro­ducts you require, can be as low as 6 to 8 weeks.
  2. This depth of expe­ri­ence is just as essen­tial in pro­du­cing the optimal solu­tion for your rubber pro­file. Using spe­cially selected mate­rials means that we can pro­vide a wide spec­trum of pro­file qua­li­ties.
  3. Our extru­sion is done on high per­for­mance extru­sion sys­tems with salt bath vul­ca­ni­sa­tion. The advan­tages of this pro­cess are: 
    1. large format pro­files and large pro­duc­tion runs
    2. low pro­duc­tion costs due to high throughput speed
    3. optional pro­cesses for high qua­lity per­oxide cross­lin­king mixes
    4. con­trolled and careful removal of pro­files without belt removal pres­sure points
  4. We use modern, fully auto­matic injec­tion moul­ding presses for corner vul­ca­ni­sa­tion. We can the­re­fore vul­ca­nise very com­plex corner con­fi­gu­ra­tions.
  5. By vul­ca­ni­sing indi­vi­dual cross sec­tions it is pos­sible to make almost any pro­file cross sec­tion into a closed frame. Spe­cial hot corner moulds con­sider­ably increase qua­lity and dura­bi­lity.
  6. Addi­tio­nally, we manu­fac­ture cust­o­mised, vul­ca­nised rings, fixed lengths and pro­file sec­tions using high per­for­mance cut­ting and stam­ping sys­tems.
  7. We are con­ti­nu­ally expan­ding our pro­duc­tion of moulded rubber parts using injec­tion moul­ding because of the increa­sing demand for this pro­cess. The advan­tage over extru­sion of this type of manu­fac­ture is that com­ple­tely cust­o­mised solu­tions can be pro­duced.