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High-Per­for­mance Seals for Any Pro­ject, No Matter How Big


Since 1995 M+R Dich­tungs­technik GmbH has been reliably deli­vering inno­va­tive seals and manu­fac­tu­ring high-qua­lity extruded EPDM seals. Our speedy pro­duc­tion is in high demand, espe­cially for large pro­jects con­nected with non-stan­dard facade con­struc­tion.

We pro­duce EPDM and NBR rubber pro­files in black, or other colours, with a hard­ness from 50 to 70 Shore A. Our core com­pe­tence is the extru­sion of rubber
pro­files with

  • large cross sec­tions and weight per meter
  • dif­fi­cult to achieve geo­me­tries
  • coex­tru­sion (com­bi­na­tions of hard/​soft, soft rubber/​foam rubber and various colours in a single piece)

We dedi­cate our­selves to pro­vi­ding on-time deli­very with the hig­hest pos­sible fle­xi­bi­lity and pro­duct qua­lity. We are con­stantly inves­ting in the deve­lop­ment of inno­va­tive mate­rials, e.g. mixes with sili­cone cha­rac­te­ris­tics as well as very elastic and highly heat-con­duc­tive mixes. We believe our qua­lity manage­ment is a cen­tral and essen­tial cor­ners­tone in pro­du­cing the per­fect pro­duct. We find good, eco­no­mical solu­tions, even for com­plex seal requi­re­ments such as those typical in modern buil­ding facades.

We are a depen­dable partner for the pro­duc­tion of indi­vi­dual or series of seals, rubber pro­files, sea­ling frames, moulded rubber parts and vul­ca­nised cor­ners. Our cust­o­mers come pri­ma­rily from facade engi­nee­ring, envi­ron­mental tech­no­logy, railway tech­no­logy and indus­trial doors.





About us

We are spe­cia­lists in seals for highly irre­gular buil­ding facades. Our cli­ents already know that we are depen­dable part­ners on any pro­ject and that we give the hig­hest prio­rity to on-time deli­very and pro­duct qua­lity.

About us